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“Thank you you for the phenomenal job in advertising our iPhone app, Earthquake. Within two days of your efforts, we entered the top 50 of its category and then subsequently hit #25 a few days later. You’re definitely now part of our ongoing marketing and PR efforts!”
Kristi Konotchick, Mobeezio, Inc.

“Anyone interested in iPhone app marketing…run, don’t walk to purchase “Secrets to Effective iPhone App Marketing”! It’s the single most important book written today and nothing else comes close to it! In addition, it’s filled with all kinds of ideas that can be implemented within minutes…you won’t be disappointed.”
- Adam Zoblotsky, Mustard Mouth Marketing

Our clients have seen incredible results using the proven techniques in this eBook. Numerous clients have risen into the iTunes Top 50 Most Popular lists for their categories. Even more exciting are the following examples of prominent front page placement on the iTunes Store our clients have achieved:

iTunes What’s Hot list – March, 2010
Memorize Words Spanish: The Smarter Foreign Language Flashcard and Game Based Vocabulary – Componica, LLC

iTunes New and Noteworthy list – March, 2010
Emily’s Girl Talk – Broken Thumbs Apps

iTunes New and Noteworthy list – January, 2010
Park’n Find – Affinicore, Inc

iTunes Top 30 Overall Download list – January, 2010
Cell Phone Tracker – Reza Alizadeh

We Understand Your Pain

By now you have realized that creating your iPhone app was only half of the battle. No longer can you simply upload your app to the iTunes store and watch while the money rolls in. The joy associated with the first week of sales has now been replaced by head scratching and disappointment. You have a great app, but your sales figures certainly don’t prove it.

Don’t worry, you’re in good company if you have little idea how to make your app stand out among all the others in the iTunes store. We know all too well how frustrating it is to create a great app that seems to go nowhere with sales. Product promotion and marketing are foreign concepts to most developers, which is why the big development companies have entire departments dedicated to this job. We felt the same way and were ready to give up, too… until we learned some secrets to iPhone app sales success.

Don’t Despair, There Is Help

Secrets To Effective iPhone App MarketingInside the pages of Secrets to Effective iPhone App Marketing you will learn all of the secrets that can dramatically increase your sales. We have spent several years discovering the tactics and strategies used by some of the most successful apps in the iTunes store. We have learned insider tricks and tips and now want to share them with you.

The eBook contains more than 20 proven ways to dramatically jump start sales and accurately track your results. By putting these solutions into motion, you’ll be able to crush dismal app sales and bring a smile to your face again. You’ll have an easy-to-follow, step-by-step instruction manual that shows you how to effectively market your app without all of the frustration and confusion. We don’t use any fancy marketing terms that require an MBA to understand. Just no-nonsense language from people just like you.

Secrets to Effective iPhone App Marketing
- 20 steps to better market your iPhone app

Practical Ways To Improve Sales

Here’s a taste of the previously unknown information you’ll learn:

Pre-launch Buzz Campaign – We show you how you can get customers banging on your virtual doors begging you to release the app now!

Email Marketing – How to effectively use this tool to build your database, capture reader interest and increase your sales without irritating people

iTunes Store Description – Admit it… yours stinks. We show you how to create a winner that draws people in, helps to overcome their objections, and gets them to hit the purchase button.

Social Media – Done the wrong way, you’re just wasting your time. Done the right way, you can get thousands of people reading your messages and sending them to all of their friends.

Contests-Done correctly, you can blast out of the gate and explode your sales. Done the wrong way… nothing more than a soft thud as your app lands on the floor of the iTunes store.

SEO- This stands for app Search Engine Optimization. We spill the beans on the ways to get your app listed when people search the iTunes store and in search engines.

Promotions & Sales- Anyone can drop their app’s price. We show you why, and more importantly, when you should have a sale and how to maximize your sales.

Blogger Reviews- We get inside the minds of bloggers so you can understand how to successfully pitch your app to them and increase your chances of them mentioning it on their site.

App Updates- Do you think updating your app is a bother and not worth your time? After reading the eBook, your world will be rocked by the ways you can skyrocket sales with an update.

Press Releases - Yeah, they’re old school, but guess what… old school can work brilliantly in the right circumstances. We show you the right way to create them and how to distribute them to thousands of media contacts. We’ve sorted through all the clutter for you so that all of the expensive and fraudulent sites have been eliminated. We give you companies we have personally used and had great success with.

Forums, Blogs and Newsgroups – So the question is, how many sites have you been kicked off because you violated the “rules” of their site by trying to sell your app? We show you the proper way to get your app in front of thousands of people in a way that makes them respect, and perhaps, adore you.

Tracking App Sales - If you’re like most developers, you hate having to login to the iTunes Connect site every few days to download the sales reports. Then you have to put them into a spreadsheet and try to make sense of the numbers. We show you how you can download that information in seconds, which will then be automatically translated into sales figures, charts, graphs and also provide reviews from users.

Sales Ranking- Have you always wanted to know how your app is doing in relation to the competition? Always wanted to know what sales rank your app is, not only in the United States but in the rest of the world? Inside the eBook, you’ll find out how you can do all of these things and run circles around your competition.

Plus A Lot More- In the interests of space and to keep our competition guessing, we’ve packed lots more information into the eBook than is listed here. In fact, we’ve found that the most successful apps incorporate some, if not all, of these elements.


“I have read through your ebook and it looks great! I think you have great ideas… it will be a big success.”
- Fabrizio Ferrari, Virtual Sheet Music

“You did an awesome job advertising and getting attention for my iPhone app iPoser! You went above and beyond what I expected and more than I have seen from anyone else. Thanks for everything! Good to know ya!”
- John Lendman, JMan Entertainment and Marketing

Boost Your Sales Today

We know how much you want and need to boost your app sales today. We decided to create a special report that lists the top 25 iPhone app review sites on the Internet. We give you the exact submission link so you don’t have to waste valuable time reading through the site to find the correct location. With this valuable report, you can get your app submitted to the best sites in less than an hour. How’s that for quickly boosting your sales?

The best part about the special report… IT’S FREE!

This report by itself is worth more than $39.95. Imagine how much your time is worth, and then imagine having to spend countless hours locating, researching, and qualifying all these sites on your own.

We really want you to succeed, so we’re also including two case studies FOR FREE! These case studies explain how companies have successfully implemented the strategies we cover in our eBook.

You can get Secrets to Effective iPhone App Marketing, plus the special report, and the two case studies today. All of these combined will allow you to start growing your app sales right now. You don’t have to spend months like we did researching what works and doesn’t work. More importantly, you can spend your valuable time and money on methods that have been proven in the real world.

Secrets to Effective iPhone App Marketing
- 20 steps to better market your iPhone app

Take advantage of the secrets to iPhone app marketing in this eBook and you just may have a #1 app on your hands!


Wishing you the best,

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